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        1. 长沙市天天齿科器材有限公司

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          Company Profile

                  Located at the national Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changsha Tiantian Dental Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the major manufacturer for dental products in China since 1997. Our company are the specialized one dealing in development, manufacture and distribution of dental products. Our company possesses s top specialized dental equipments and facilities, taking the lead in manufacture of its kind in China. We have more than 100 employees and formed a contingent of qualified workers encompassing development, manufacture and distribution of dental products,

                  Adhering to the purpose of giving priority to technology by relying on talents and keeping innovating, we have kept introducing advanced equipments and facilities and talents and developing more and better new products by keeping up with the advanced international level to satisfy our customers. We have got the certificate ISO13485/ISO9001, CE and FDA.

                  Our company developed more products and highly improved the product quality, now we have seven series of products: 1. Orthodontic Materials; 2. Orthodontic Tools; 3. Orthodontic Pliers; 4. Tooth Extraction Instruments; 5. Dental Implant Instrument; 6. Maxillofacial Surgery; 7. Ti-plate Instruments; 8. Periodontal Instruments

                 To develop our company better, we hope to co-operate with you for any technical project and trade project to have a better future.

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